Sunday October 21 @ 5:15pm – Hamazkayin Theatre - Family. Armenia – 18 min. - World Premiere. Intro by Oksana Mirzoyan. Synopsis:  140 DRAM is the story of a young boy who must attend the corner store by himself for the first time. Life becomes complicated when the 140 Dram his mother provided for milk is not enough, and he has to make a difficult choice. The experience of this young boy becomes a kaleidoscope through which the landscape of a modern Armenia emerges. Through bits and pieces, fragments of conversation and glimpses inside a Yerevan apartment, this film attempts to portray a picture of Armenia today. Cast: Oksana Mirzoyan: Writer, Director, Executive Producer. Bio: Oksana Mirzoyan was born in 1984 in Baku, Azerbaijan. Fleeing ethnic conflict that coincided with the collapse of the Soviet Union, her family relocated several times, first to Armenia, then Russia, and finally to the United States. Mirzoyan received her B.A. in Art History from the University of Michigan while acting in independent cinema, such as the award-winning film THE DEATH OF MICHAEL SMITH. Last year, Mirzoyan was awarded a POMGrant following the presentation of her first short film, LE PETIT BIJOU which made its world premiere at the Pomegranate Film Festival. Currently, she is working on a series of short, experimental films that explore space, time, and light. She is currently stationed in Yerevan.