POM 2022 - November 11-13, 2022

2015 Films


SPANK – USA – Ludwig Manukian – 9 min‎. – Canadian Premiere – PG 13

A married couple take a hard look at their relationship when the husband's stepbrother crashes their weekend getaway with an unexpected guest.‎ Talented actor/director Ludwig Manukian will be a familiar face to Festival attendees having appeared in past feature films BETRAYAL (POM '13) and LAST STOP FRIENDSHIP (POM '10).
OUR ATLANTIS: The Story of Camp Armen - Turkey - Artur Sukiasyan - 83 min. - F - North American Premiere

OUR ATLANTIS: The Story of Camp Armen – Turkey – Artur Sukiasyan – 83 min. – F – North American Premiere

A fascinating examination of the seized Children's camp, Camp Armen, located in the Tuzla district of Istanbul. This powerful documentary shows how the ex-campers strive to keep their memories and fight for the restoration of justice as the site is linked to their collective identity and heritage. Sukiasyan filmed the documentary as part of the Beyond Borders series, made possible ...

THE SANDWICH ISLAND MAN – France – Levon Minassian – 26 min.

A wonderful follow-up to past POM favourite LE PIANO. Lio, a twelve year old boy, lives with his single mom. He learns that his father is from a tiny island called Sandwich, located somewhere far away. While his classmates laugh at the funny name of the island, Lio is determined to find his father. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffutysUJW8w

ARIANE’S THREAD – France – Robert Guediguian – 92 min.

A middle-aged woman finds herself alone on her birthday when her loved ones do not attend to celebrate with her. In a spontaneous decision, she decides to leave her modern, chic apartment and journeys to the breathtaking southern French seaside. There, she ends up on a heart-warming adventure, which blends reality and fantasy as she pursues her dreams. The film ...

INTERRUPTED FLIGHT – Armenia – Yelena Arshakyan – 82 min

A love story based on true events. The film follows the lives of the passengers who boarded that fateful flight from Yerevan to Sochi in May 2006. Directed by the talented Yelena Arshakyan, whose past POM favourite OUR VILLAGE was awarded both the coveted Audience Choice Award and Best Feature Film at the 2014 Festival. Serge Avedikian (PARADJANOV) is part ...

THE BOOK FROM TSUGHRUTH – Armenia – Mariam Ohanyan – 17 min.

An insightful look into the life of a small village, where a special medieval Gospel is found, originating from Erzerum dating back to 974 AD. The priceless book made a long journey to the village of Akhaltskha during the Genocide where a family protects it and the locals see it as the guardian of their daily lives.
Don't Tell Me the Boy was Mad

Don’t tell me the boy was mad – France – Robert Guediguian – 134 min

One of the most anticipated films of 2015, Guediguian's dramatic feature was selected as part of a special screening program at the Cannes Film Festival. With a star studded cast that includes Simon Abkarian and Serge Avedikian, the film explores the effects of the Armenian Genocide on future generations. The film begins with Soghomon Tehlirian in Berlin (1921), before taking ...
ANAHIT - David Sahakyants - Armenia - 90 min. - North American Premiere

ANAHIT – David Sahakyants – Armenia – 90 min. – North American Premiere

The much anticipated animated feature about Anahit, who was pursued by the King of Ancient Armenia, Vachagan. An exciting tale of the victory of good over evil is sure to delight both young and old. This film is reminiscent of past POM favourite BRAVE. Anahit's songs and valuable story brings a classic tale to a modern audience and is sure ...
THE ROAD - Gagik Madoyan - Armenia - 9 min. - North American Premiere

THE ROAD – Gagik Madoyan – Armenia – 9 min. – North American Premiere

A woman is intent on taking her own life as she approaches a bridge. There, she unexpectedly encounters a homeless man who will not leave her alone. In an odd exchange over her belongings, the woman finds herself doubting her tragic fate. Yerevan native Gagik Madoyan is a highly acclaimed actor who performed in Toronto & Montreal earlier this year. ...
DAYLIGHT AFTER A CENTURY - UK -George Jerjian - 28 min. - Canadian Premiere

DAYLIGHT AFTER A CENTURY – UK -George Jerjian – 28 min. – Canadian Premiere

A priceless documentary based on Dr. George Djerdjian's early twentieth century photographs of Arabkir and Erzerum, pre-1915. The archival evidence, based on glass plates, reveals a thriving Armenian society, which had established roots in the region since ancient times. The photographs are treasures of the past, miraculously surviving as they journeyed with the family's descendants from Africa to the West. This ...

JOURNEY TO THE HOMELAND – USA/Western Armenia – Nora Hovsepian – 30 min. – Canadian Premiere

A poignant documentary about a personal pilgrimage to the Anatolian landscape where the director's grandparents were forced to flee. The film highlights the resilience of Armenians, while also evoking a sense of yearning and belonging. Interviewed subjects include author Mathew Karanian, scholar Khatchig Mouradian and film maker Bared Maronian. This short film will be presented during the WESTERN ARMENIA series to ...
THE RIGHTEOUS TURK: Stony Paths - France/Turkey - Arnaud Khayadjanian - 61 min. - North American Premiere

THE RIGHTEOUS TURK: Stony Paths – France/Turkey – Arnaud Khayadjanian – 61 min. – North American Premiere

Talented POMGrant recipient Arnaud Khayadjanian presents an emotional, informative documentary about his trek to Turkey, the land of his forefathers who survived the Armenian Genocide. He carries a sentimental painting along his journey, which holds a special meaning for him. Through various conversations and encounters, the young director explores the lesser known history of the Righteous, or, the anonymous people ...

ARAM, ARAM – Lebanon/USA – Chris Chambers – 78 min. – Ontario Premiere

A recipient of rave reviews and enjoying success at prominent festivals including the LA Film Festival. Director Chris Chambers delivers a thought-provoking drama about a young man’s experiences in gang culture in LA. Suddenly uprooted from his home in Lebanon, a twelve year old boy named Aram, goes to live with his grandfather, but falls susceptible to the crooked gangs ...
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PHOTOS BY KIRK – Canada/USA – Jamie Day Fleck – 25 min.

An insightful documentary recently screened at the prestigious Hot Docs Film Festival. Director/artist Jamie Day Fleck presents the life of an Armenian photographer, Mr. Kirk, who captured the thriving atmosphere of Bronx, New York. Due in part as a result of his childhood, he was able to capture the joyous occasions of his cherished neighborhood by taking photos of weddings, ...
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AFTER THIS DAY – Armenia/Lebanon/ Turkey/USA – Nigol Bezjian – 77 min.

An astounding and well-researched documentary about the notorious orphanage in Antoura, Lebanon, where children were sent to be Turkified under the order of Jamal Pasha. The children experienced horrific circumstances, but this is ultimately a true story of how many endured to tell their stories of survival and death-defying courage. Bezjian uncovers how the children held onto their Armenian faith ...

ARMENIA SINGS IN OUR HEARTS – Argentina/Brazil/ France/USA – Isabella Bablumian – 51 min. – Canadian Premiere

A fascinating documentary showcasing the diversity and richness of the Armenian Diaspora. A unique cultural journey which takes viewers on a ride across the globe, including visits to Paris and Rio de Janeiro, as a way to explore how Armenian culture and identity has thrived. Director and talented singer Isabella Bablumian will render a live performance prior to the screening ...

FAMILY DANCE – USA – Nare Mkrtchyan – 7 min. – Canadian Premiere

An Armenian couple pursues the North American dream by expressing their passion for dance and music. While life has posed some difficulties, the family finds success and contributes to Armenian culture through their artistic talents. Director Nare Mkrtchyan will be in attendance for the screening.