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Operation Nemesis

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Symphony Of Film

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Armenia Now

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Yerevan Direct

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Western Armenia

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Opening Night

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Opening Night

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1915 THE MOVIE – May 7 in Toronto

Starring Simon Abkarian (ARARAT, THE CUT) and Angela Sarafyan (LOST & FOUND IN ARMENIA, TWILLIGHT) with music by Serj Tankian from SYSTEM OF A DOWN. Do not miss this feature film about a couple that must confront denial in the context of what transpired in 1915. https://youtu.be/oMNawbqk2W8

WATCHERS OF THE SKY – Edet Belzberg – 120 min. – Documentary – PG 13

Argentina/Bosnia and Herzegovina/Netherlands/Poland/Rwanda/Sudan (Darfur)/USA Oscar-nominated director Edet Belzberg presents a rewarding documentary on the history of genocide. Inspired by Samantha Power's Pulitzer Prize winning book, A Problem from Hell: America in the Age of Genocide, the film begins with the career of Raphael Lemkin, who coined the term ‘genocide’ and highlights the contributions of today’s chief leaders opposing genocide. This hard ...

THE CAPTIVE – Canada – Atom Egoyan – 112 min. – Suspense Thriller – PG 13

Academy Award nominated director Atom Egoyan’s latest and potentially most entertaining film, involves a uniquely original plot and an impressive cast with strong performances by Ryan Reynolds, Rosario Dawson, Scott Speedman, Mireille Enos, Bruce Greenwood and Kevin Durand – who plays the role of the super creepy chief villain. The film was shot in the Ontario cities of Niagara Falls ...

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Following 1915, the small but independent state of Armenia was left to fend for itself and facing the risk of absolute extinction, but for the heroics of one man, who emerged as one of the greatest military leaders in Armenian history. The Soviet authorities attempted to erase his legacy, but modern day Armenia would not exist as we know it ...
devils knot

DEVIL'S KNOT – Canada/USA – 114 min. – Atom Egoyan

The first feature film about the notorious 1993 West Memphis murders is presented in a potently human manner by the ingenious Atom Egoyan (ADORATION). Depicting the lynch-mob fever that grips a small tightly knit community, the film demonstrates the potentially lethal consequences that flow as a result of a myopic prosecution combined with botched investigative work. The film made its ...
Paradjanov – A feature film by Serge Avedikian and Olena Fetisova

PARADJANOV – Serge Avedikian (ARAM) – Armenia/Georgia/Russia/Ukraine – 95 min

The epic story of the larger than life cinematographic genius who was always at odds with the Soviet authorities, yet his imagination captured a nation. This long awaited biopic about a cultural icon is directed by Serge Avedikian who also plays the role of the man whom the artistic giants of other countries simply refered to as The Maestro. Avedikian’s previous contributions to the ...

GUARDIAN ANGEL – USA – 105 min. – directed by Vahik Pirhamzei – North American Premiere

After the tragic death of his wife, Ray becomes personally responsible for the safety of Vicki, an aspiring model, when due to her father's embezzlement, she is targeted by a human trafficker and vicious criminal.  Iranian-Armenian Superstar Vahik Pirhamzei is an acclaimed actor/director/writer/producer best known for his hit film, My Uncle Rafael (POM VI). His newest film casts Canadian actress ...

ORPHANS OF THE GENOCIDE – directed by Bared Maronian –Armenia/Canada/Lebanon/Syria /USA – 91 min. – Canadian Premiere – PG 13

Emmy-award winning documentary commemorates the memory of the orphans of the Armenian genocide.  The film took inspiration from an article by Robert Fisk about the discovery of the Armenian orphanage in Antoura, near Beirut, Lebanon. The orphanage was intended to “turkify” the orphans, based on the agenda of Ahmad Jamal Pasha. Maronian also provides a window into the lives of ...

I LEFT MY SHOES IN ISTANBUL – Lebanon/Turkey – 64 min. – directed by Nigol Bezjian – Canadian Premiere – Rated: Family

Modernist poet, Sako Arian, returns to his ancestral city of Istanbul, where his cultural and literary roots are found. His heritage comes alive as he tours the old streets of the city, once bustling with Armenian citizens, as well as the historic schools, churches, and the cemeteries where famous poets were buried. His journey brings the Lebanese-Armenian artist into contact ...

MILK, CARNATIONS & A GODLY SONG: The Legacy of Daniel Varoujan

The film is a search into the literary legacy of Daniel Varoujan (1884-1915), one of the pillars of Armenian literature. Through close analysis of his poetry by renowned experts and reading his poem, we get to have a glimpse of how Armenian literally thinking has evolved from the Pagan times up to 2010, April 24th in Istanbul where for the ...

METZARENTS – USA – 32 min. – directed by Hayk Hambarstum – Canadian Premiere – PG 13

This is the story of Vahag, a young Armenian-American awakening to his Armenian identity. Vahag and his Korean-American girlfriend Hanna are both struggling actors who live in Hollywood. When Vahag is offered the role of Misak Metzarents in a play, he begins to confront his long dormant Armenian roots which ultimately distances him from Hanna and causes Vahag to question ...
Hamshen at the Crossroads of Past and Present

HAMSHEN AT CROSSROADS OF PAST AND PRESENT – Armenia/Turkey/Western Armenia – 60 min. – directed by Professor Lusine Sahakyan – Canadian Premiere – Rated: Family

A film dedicated to the current state of the descendants of the Armenians of Hamshen (Hamshentsis); a people who were forcibly Islamicized ('Turkified') by the Ottoman Empire in the 18th century. Today, they live primarily in the provinces of Rizeh and Artvin, as well as in Istanbul and other large cities in Turkey.  The film presents unique episodes from the ...

SAROYANLAND – 72 min. – Turkey/Western Armenia – directed by Lusin Dink – North American Premiere – Rated: Family

In the year 1964, famous author William Saroyan took a journey to his birthplace in Bitlis, located in historic Armenia. This docu-drama traces the actual path of that journey and aims to understand Saroyan's unique attitude to belonging, witnessing the self-discovery of a man who followed the traces of his Armenian ancestors.  Produced by Hamshen Armenian brothers Soner Alper, who ...

ADAPTATION – Canada – 6 min. – Emmanuel Shirinian

This short film explores the emotional experience of immigration through the eyes of Toni Silberman, human rights activist and Holocaust educator. A powerful and moving documentary presented in a hybrid of various forms, including re-enactment, archival footage & collage.

****DEVIL’S NIGHT – directed by Ara Sagherian – Canada – 12 min.

A married man’s world unravels when he discovers his wife’s adulterous ways. Sagherian is a recent POMGrant recipient and this will be his fifth contribution to the Pomegranate Film Festival following up on HOLDING (POM VII), MATURE WHITEHEADS (POM VI), SPARE CHANGE (POM VI) and HORIZON (POM V).

MY ARMENIAN NEIGHBORHOOD – India – 27 min. – directed by Samimitra Das – North American Premiere – Rated: Family

This short documentary examines the unique history of the Armenian community in Calcutta, India and highlights the remarkable identity of the Diaspora in this historic city.  It documents the early Armenian merchants who settled in the city as a result of the ancient Great Silk Road, the current state of the Armenian Church & School, the passion that Indian-Armenians have ...

***WAITING – directed Nara Karapetyan – Armenia – 11 min.

A young boy keeps in touch with his father who is living in Syria as an expat worker. Through the correspondence, the boy shares his emotions and thoughts. His mother withholds the harsh truth from the child, wanting to keep his hopeful spirit alive. Karapetyan is a young filmmaker from Yerevan.

DEVIL’S DEN – directed by Arev Manoukian – Canada – 5 min.

This film is the hauntingly dark journey of a newly married man trapped in a deep erotic dream. The dream quickly turns into a nightmare as he spirals down into the Devil’s Den. Filmed for electronic music artist Skrillex and Wolfgang Gartner. Manoukian received honorary mention for his short film NUIT BLANCHE at POM V.
Was Casanova Armenian

WAS CASANOVA ARMENIAN? – Italy/USA – 21 min. – Directed by Tanner Boyajian – Canadian Premiere – Rating: Family

Well researched short film that explores the theory of whether one of the most notorious characters in world history was of Armenian origin.  This interesting documentary examines the important role that Venice has always played for the Armenian Diaspora dating back several centuries and also includes interviews with the late Dr. Michael J. Hagopian, the legendary film maker for whom ...