Power duo Berberian and Pirhamzei are at their best in this adventurous journey. Armen and Raffi, two filmmakers from LA, travel to Armenia to shoot a feature length movie about an American Armenian who is there to adopt a twelve year old. A heartwarming story unfolds when they meet Rubo, a local impresario, who joins their team as they try to make the film. Obscene twists and obstacles are presented when they encounter various larger than life characters including the police, a film studio executive, and city oligarch. A colourful film not to be missed that shows life’s unexpected turns and brilliant journeys.
Both Berberian and Pirhamzei have performed to sold out audiences in Toronto. Berberian, a Lebanese-Armenian artist, is a multi-talented force, recognizable with his two signature braids. Pirhamzei, an Iranian-Armenian, is also a polymath, delving in acting, writing, producing and directing. He is cherished for his role as Uncle Rafael both on stage and the big screen. This will be the 3rd film that Pirhamzei has presented at the Pomegranate Film Festival. ‎