One of the world’s greatest story tellers, famed director Robert Guediguian demonstrates once again why he is “la creme de la creme” of French cinema with this beautifully woven masterpiece, filmed at a picturesque French fishing village near Marseille. Guediguian employs subtle humour while displaying the frailties of life amidst the backdrop of the most pressing issue in contemporary European society, while recounting the trials and tribulations that families collectively endure . His previous films screened at POM include; VOYAGE TO ARMENIA, THE ARMY OF CRIME, SNOWS of KILIMANJARO, DON’T TELL ME THE BOY WAS MAD, and ARIANE’S THREAD. The star studded cast of French actors, including his brilliant wife Ariane Ascaride, Gérard Meylan, and Jean-Pierre Darroussin. Their chemistry keeps getting stronger in each of his films and is a treasure to experience. The three grown children in this film reflect on where they are, who they have become, and what they have inherited. Set in a sleepy fishing village on the Mediterranean Coast, Guediguian explores the complex layers of a family dealing with their vast memories and the uncertainty of what their future holds. The film also examines the role of a sleepy, coastal village, a fading reality in today’s busy world. The film was recently filmed at the Venice International Film Festival and at the Toronto International Film Festival.