An eye-opening documentary about the LGBTQ community in Armenia. ‎Following  the explosion of the DIY Pub in Yerevan and the attacks on the Diversity Parade, awareness about the LGBT Community has risen and the momentum is building. The critical and aggressive allegations directed towards the LGBT Community “puddled” the individuality of the LGBT members, hindering the possibility of getting to know who these people really are , why they are considered the enemy and towards whom so much extreme hatred is targeted towards. In this film, 10 representatives of the LGBT Community in Yerevan  bravely come out of the closet and talk about their experiences in front of the camera.
By talking about their childhood, their existence, their self-recognition, their relationships with their families and by  making their voices heard, they are dispelling the myths about the LGBT Community in Armenia and beyond. An empowering film about the current social fabric in Armenia.

Filmmaker Ghazareh is immersed in the media arts in Armenia. He founded “Npakino,” an independent film studio to support alternative film production. In 2003 he founded the “One Shot” International Short Film Festival and in 2006 the “One Square Meter” Theater Festival. He has also been involved in the prestigious Venice Biennale.