A short film based on the play “Sonnets for an Old Century” by Jose Rivera. When the time comes and we witness injustice, will we take a stand against it? Even with the best of intentions, when confronted with difficult circumstances we often run. We run because it is our instinct. We run because of our apathy. We run because we lack the courage to sacrifice ourselves for another.
“Sonnet” is an exploration of a single moment of injustice and how one character’s inability to take action leaves behind an unseen wound carried for life. This is a story about how we make amends for the moment we chose not to act when we were needed most.


Talented filmmaker Oksana Mirzoyan was born in Baku and grew up in Detroit. She teaches at the TUMO Centre in Yerevan annually and is a two-time recipient of the POMgrant bursary. This will be her third film presesented at POM. Her last short, 140 DRAMS, received honourable mention at POM for Best Short Film. Mirzoyan is focused on narrative filmmaking as a writer and director.