This illuminating documentary weaves the story of the Melkonian Educational Institute of Cyprus. Established by its benefactors, brothers Krikor and Garabed Melkonian in 1926, the institute fostered a multilateral Armenian and International education system. In 2005, the executor of the institute’s will decided to terminate this future. Filmed within the environs of the institute, the documentary conveys the sadness of Armenians about the loss of one of the most important centres of learning and its glorious past. The film equally makes one think of the role and fate of Armenian schools and institutions in the Diaspora.
Bezjian, a Lebanese-Armenian director, is no stranger to POM. His past films have explored topics of current global interest including the refugee crisis in the Middle East and the beauty of Armenian poetry based on the life of Daniel Varoujan. This will be the 5th film presented at the Pomegranate Film Festival by Nigol Bezjian.