Evicted as a result of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, Abgar stays behind alone in a gradually shrinking enemy ring. He is waiting for his daughter, who has become a witness to her husband’s tragic death and was hospitalized with a trauma disorder. An Azerbaijani neighbour, finds Abgar’s daughter Yurga, in one of the psychiatric hospitals of Baku and brings her to her Father. In exchange for finding his daughter, Abgar constructs a mosque for his neighbour. A powerful historical drama that delves straight into the heart of the Artsakh conflict, resulting in the mass deportation of Armenians from Azerbaijan prior to the fall of the Soviet Union. The film is based on the story of “The Last Inhabitant of Gyurjevan” by Tsovinar Khachatryan, about the expulsion of an Armenian village in Azerbaijan in 1988. It is set in a beautiful, mountainous village that suffered tremendously because of violence and inter-ethnic conflict. Artsakh native Avetisyan has helped place his homeland on the world map through his provocative film making. His previous films presented at POM include TEVANIK and BROKEN CHILDHOOD. THE LAST INHABITANT was recently screened at the prestigious Venice International Film Festival.