Armenia, one of the oldest countries of the Earth, is now an almost non-existent country. 70% of its population lives in exodus. The rest survives amid a historically decimated plateau, whose fragile borders are at war with its neighbors in the Caucasus. Armenia today is a country that hardly anyone is able to place on the maps.
The Genocide of the Armenian people, perpetrated by Turkey rising between 1915 and 1921 at the summits in which Noah’s Ark threw its ropes, forced to exodus the few survivors of a slaughter that has not yet been recognized by more than 30 of the 200 countries on the Planet. The surviving Armenians fled to the Soviet Union to Western Europe and also to Egypt, Ethiopia, Singapore, the Middle East, Los Angeles or Chicago.
This documentary is, besides the pursuit of the final destination of that diaspora which lasted throughout the Twentieth Century, the search for men and women of Armenian origin, who, against all odds, have today become international icons in various arts and disciplines thanks to their effort and dedication. This documentary is also about the encounter with figures so well known as Charles Aznavour and Robert Guédiguian in Paris; Ruben Vardanian and Armen Djarjanian in Moscow; Garik Israelian or Ara Malikian in Spain. Financial, musicians, actors, athletes, astronomers or scientists today make the sign of the diaspora.
This documentary is that meeting that no one had yet done with a thriving, silent and scattered generation across the world: a portrait of the Armenian diaspora.