Way Back Home is a road-documentary filmed between March 25 – April 5 in Armenia. In 2016, Canadian-Armenian actress Arsinée Khanjian found herself in the middle of public unrest in the centre of Yerevan, where she eventually got detained together with dozens of other people. This event sounded a wake up call for the Armenian Diaspora revealing the challenges their homeland is facing on its path towards democracy. World renowned Armenian celebrities singer Serj Tankian (SOAD), filmmaker Atom Egoyan, actress Arsinée Khanjian, comedian Vahé Barbarian and filmmaker Eric Nazarian joined forces to address civic rights issues together with their compatriots in the homeland.On April 2, 2017 Armenia held Parliamentary Elections that were to determine the future of the country switching it from presidential to A parliamentary system. Four out of the five artists who had written the petition Justice Within Armenia travelled to their ancestral land to observe the elections and raise awareness about civic responsibility among Armenian citizens and thus encourage direct participation of Diaspora’s civil society in the elections. The seemingly political journey also uncovers the personal journeys the celebrities go through in their search of their respective Armenian identities being born and raised in different countries while having to come to terms with their individual sense of national belonging. They cross the country visiting different towns and villages, and while they experience the electoral process and its controversial outcome, they share and meet the voices and courage of Armenians of all generations.