Thursday October 18 @ 9pm – Hamazkayin Theatre - Symphony of Sin - Rated R France –Nicolas Sarkissian – 27 min. - Toronto Premiere Synopsis: A dark and thrilling piece selected for the prestigious La Semaine de la Critique, a parallel section of the Festival de Cannes. Paul seemingly has everything one needs to be happy: a great job, a devoted wife, a lovely daughter and an amazing villa. It's a Sunday in the middle of the summer, he wants to relax by his pool and watch the tennis game on TV, yet Paul feels oppressed by an invisible evil that devours him. Talented French-Armenian director Nicolas Sarkissian also worked on MEPHISTO presented at POM '11 and has an uncanny grasp of displaying the extremities of human behaviour on the big screen. Cast: Written & Directed by Nicolas Sarkissian. Trailer: Teaser Fracture de Nicolas Sarkissian from nicolas sarkissian on Vimeo.