Sunday October 21 @ 9:15pm - Hamazkayin Theatre  (SOLD OUT) Sunday November 18 @ 7pm - Hamazkayin Theatre  (SOLD OUT) Sunday November 18 @ 9pm - Hamazkayin Theatre  (BUY YOUR TICKETS ONLINE) World Premiere - 100 min. - Introduction by Director Gor Kirakosian (BIG STORY IN A SMALL CITY). Q&A following the film with Jamie Kennedy (SCREAM, THREE KINGS).  Rating: PG 13 Synopsis: Lost & Found in Armenia is the story of Bill (Jamie Kennedy), an American tourist who vacations to Turkey to get his mind off a bad break up. In a comedic and dangerous turn of events, Bill unknowingly ends up in a small village in Armenia, where he is accused of being a Turkish spy. It is in that small village, he meets a beautiful Armenian girl (Angela Sarafyan), who helps him escape from misfortune. Cast:   Trailer: