POM 2022 - November 10-13, 2022

Monday 2015

THE ROAD - Gagik Madoyan - Armenia - 9 min. - North American Premiere

THE ROAD – Gagik Madoyan – Armenia – 9 min. – North American Premiere

A woman is intent on taking her own life as she approaches a bridge. There, she unexpectedly encounters a homeless man who will not leave her alone. In an odd exchange over her belongings, the woman finds herself doubting her tragic fate. Yerevan native Gagik Madoyan is a highly acclaimed actor who performed in Toronto & Montreal earlier this year. ...

ARMENIA SINGS IN OUR HEARTS – Argentina/Brazil/ France/USA – Isabella Bablumian – 51 min. – Canadian Premiere

A fascinating documentary showcasing the diversity and richness of the Armenian Diaspora. A unique cultural journey which takes viewers on a ride across the globe, including visits to Paris and Rio de Janeiro, as a way to explore how Armenian culture and identity has thrived. Director and talented singer Isabella Bablumian will render a live performance prior to the screening ...

FAMILY DANCE – USA – Nare Mkrtchyan – 7 min. – Canadian Premiere

An Armenian couple pursues the North American dream by expressing their passion for dance and music. While life has posed some difficulties, the family finds success and contributes to Armenian culture through their artistic talents. Director Nare Mkrtchyan will be in attendance for the screening.