POM 2022 - November 11-13, 2022

Symphony of Sin

closed caption


Thursday October 18 @ 9pm- Symphony of Sin – Hamazkayin Theatre – Rated R Canada - 18 min. - World Premiere Synopsis: Closed Caption is a short, dramatic narrative that explores the nature of love, both literally and figuratively in the non-hearing world. Over the course of a day, Jack attempts to revive his tattered relationship with the morally-grey Christine. Complications ensue with ...
occupied tears


Thursday October 18 @ 9pm – Hamazkayin Theatre- Symphony of Sin - Rated R USA - Eric Nazarian – 5 min. - Canadian Premiere  Synopsis: Lead singer of System Of A Down Serj Tankian’s song “Occupied Tears,” directed by talented filmmaker Eric Nazarian who's previous contribution at the Pomegranate Film Festival include THE BLUE HOUR in '08 and BOLIS in '11.  
midnight fistfight


Thursday October 18 @ 9pm – Hamazkayin Theatre - Symphony of Sin - Rated AA14. USA – Robert Nazar Arjoyan – 23 min. - Canadian Premiere. Synopsis: Rage-filled Gev, a first generation American, must learn to get along with his sister's straight-laced boyfriend Alec, whom he accompanies to a 'zhamo,' a ritualistic and centuries-old Armenian tradition, where men meet to settle grievances of ...


Thursday October 18 @ 9pm – Hamazkayin Theatre - Symphony of Sin - Rated R Director Kalen Artinian will be present for this screening. Canada - Kalen Artinian - 14 min. - Toronto Premiere Synopsis: A horror comedy about a struggling writer who is asked to write a story of terror. Soon thereafter, the lines between fiction and reality become blurred in this disturbingly ...