2016 Films

3 weeks in yerevan

3 WEEKS IN YEREVAN – Armenia/USA – 92 min. – Canadian Premiere – 2016 Gala Film

Power duo Berberian and Pirhamzei are at their best in this adventurous journey. Armen and Raffi, two filmmakers from LA, travel to Armenia to shoot a feature length movie about an American Armenian who is there to adopt a twelve year old. A heartwarming story unfolds when they meet Rubo, a local impresario, who joins their team as they try ...

MEMORIES OF THE WIND – France/ Georgia/ Germany/ Turkey – 126 min.

A gripping historical drama set in WW2. Aram, an Armenian intellectual, finds his life in Istanbul forever altered when the Turkish government targets the country's minorities and members of the opposition. In order to escape the treacherous perils of the labor camps, Aram escapes to the Turkish-Georgian border where he awaits for his papers to enter Soviet Armenia. With the ...

HEAD OF STATE – Armenia/Canada – Hrant Yeritskinyan ‎- 111 min. – North American Premiere

An unemployed journalist keeps blaming everyone but himself for problems with his love life and negligent policies of his homeland, only to find out what he can't change when he becomes president of the country. Well known singer-songwriter Aram MP3 stars in this hit film alongside his talented compatriots Narek Margaryan and Sergey Sargsyan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYmb9O4MSUg

SPOTLIGHT – USA – 128 min.

The winner of the 2016 Oscar for Best Motion Picture, which follows the trials and tribulations of the Boston Globe's investigative 'Spotlight' team. The real life story of the journalists, including Steve Kurkjian, who discovered the horrendous child sex abuse scandal committed by Roman Catholic clergy with the assistance of attorney Mitchell Garabedian. Staring well-known actors Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, ...

REMEMBER – Canada/USA – 90 min.

A powerful drama thriller starring Christopher Plummer as Zev, a Holocaust survivor with dementia, who seeks vengeance against a Nazi war criminal. Egoyan showcases his unique storytelling gift while Plummer delivers a brilliant performance. A stellar cast also includes Academy Award winner Martin Landau.The film was screened at the prestigious Venice International Film Festival and has received praise by critics ...

LOST IN ARMENIA – Armenia/France – 90 min. – North American Premiere

A French performer, played by the award-winning actor Patrick Chesnais finds himself stuck in an Armenian village after performing a show on the other side of the border. Lost without a visa or cellphone, not speaking the language, he is quickly adopted as a saviour by he the local people. ‎ A heartwarming film starring talented Arsinee Khanjian and by the producer ...

GOOD MORNING – Armenia/Artsakh – 104 min. – North American Premiere

Arshak, a father of a young child, is looking for answers for his childhood memories. His experience of growing up in the 1990's during the war against Azeri oppression must be confronted as he must decide the path of his future. His wife asks him to emigrate after he is left without a job. He feels compelled to visit the ...
red apples

RED APPLES – Armenia/ Georgia/ USA – Ophelia Harutyunyan – 15 min.

Young and talented film maker Ophelia Harutyunyan, touches on one of the most taboo topics in Armenia today. This is the second consecutive year where one of her films has been presented at the Pomegranate Film Festival following the screening of her film THE FRAME at the 2015 Festival. RED APPLES was also featured at the 2016 Toronto International Film ...

ONE, TWO, THREE… – Armenia – 90 min. – North American Premiere

A unique documentary telling the story of a group of older solitary individuals from Armenia. At the twilight of their lives, they unify around the art of dance and try to prove, during each performance, that they can still dream, fall in love, amaze and wonder. Bars Media Studio produced this documentary. Their last film, THE LAST TIGHTROPE DANCER IN ARMENIA ...

A TASTE OF HOME – Canada – 19 min.

A Taste of Home explores the power of food to connect us to our ancestral culture, to the memories of our childhood, and to each other in a community where “living in two worlds” is often a way of life for many Canadian immigrants and their descendants. Refreshingly candid, powerfully revealing and intimately documented, A Taste of Home was created, ...

SYRIA, MY LOVE – Hayk Matevosyan – USA – 5 min. – Canadian Premiere

Based on a true story of a Syrian-Armenian artist who, after losing his family in the civil war, refuses to abandon his studio in Aleppo before he can finish his final painting. Screenwriter and living legend Mardik Martin (RAGING BULL) served as a mentor for this film. It is a powerful piece on courage, loss and strength. It also demonstrates ...

TEMPLE OF LIGHT – Cyprus/ Lebanon/ Turkey – 48 min.

This illuminating documentary weaves the story of the Melkonian Educational Institute of Cyprus. Established by its benefactors, brothers Krikor and Garabed Melkonian in 1926, the institute fostered a multilateral Armenian and International education system. In 2005, the executor of the institute's will decided to terminate this future. Filmed within the environs of the institute, the documentary conveys the sadness of ...

DOCTOR – Russia- 26 min. – North American Premiere

A thought provoking film, based on true events, depicting the human interaction between a Russian surgeon and his Chechen friend as they survive in the war torn city of Grozny. A fascinating look at the ethical obligations of the medical profession at times of war.

ITHACA – USA – 94 min.

Academy Award winner Meg Ryan directs and acts in this World War II era feature film based on the original screenplay of William Saroyan. With an impressive cast including Tom Hanks and an original musical score composed by John Mellencamp, this is a coming of age story about a young mail carrier growing up in war time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDxzXszAfJE

DADDY – Canada – 9 min.

A single father raises his daughter within the confines of a small town when something from his past comes back to challenge both of them. This will mark the second consecutive year where Cambridge, Ontario native Armen Poladian will be presenting a film at the Pomegranate Film Festival. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HB72UdzP2Jg

BRAVOMAN – Evelina Barsegian – Russia – 18 min. – Canadian Premiere – AA 14

Every evening, Andrei, a deeply cynical man, is paid to shout "bravo" following the theatre performance. There, he meets the most sincere girl among the audience. This satirical comedy plays with the ideas of hypocrisy and being genuine. Director Evelina Barsegian is originally from Armenia, and now based out of St. Petersburg, Russia. This will be the third consecutive year ...


A short yet poignant film that deals with a topic which haunts too many young people in society today. This will be award winning director Ara Sagherian’s 8th film at the Pomegranate Film Festival, all of which have been very well received

THE INDESTRUCTIBLE – Kalen Artinian – Canada – 15 min.

James, a disturbed high schooler, retreats from a culture of prescription drugs, religion, and bullying, into a comic book fantasy world. He is pushed to the breaking point and the lines between fantasy and reality are blurred in this thriller short. This will be Kalen Artinian’s fourth film presented at the Pomegranate Film Festival. Artinian's films have garnered much acclaim ...

DRIFTED – Anna Mouradian – Canada – 3 min. – World Premiere

In this animated short, strange things happen in the Underwater City, but stranger things happen everywhere else. A creative, surrealist piece by a young, rising Canadian filmmaker Anna Maria Mouradian. Originally from Syria, she is now based out of Montreal. This is the second consecutive year where Mouradian will be presenting films at the Pomegranate Film Festival.
the hard close

HARD CLOSE – Alex Kerbabian – Canada – 14 min.

Jacob has one last chance to save his job and close his deal. Things go from bad to worse when competition in the office rises and his new wife is on his case. A well made short that highlights the impact of stress on our lives. HARD CLOSE is the third film that Alex Kerbabian has presented at the Pomegranate ...

THE CLAY MAN – Armenia – 20 min. – North American Premiere.

A lonely elderly potter living in an abandoned village, who has reconciled with the inevitability of death before he realizes the truth: life ends only when one has nothing and nobody to live for. This is director Aren Vatyan’s second film to be presented at the Pomegranate Film Festival. His short film OUR PASSPORTS, OUR SOULS was very well received ...

EARTHQUAKE – Armenia/Russia – 101 min – PG13

The first major motion picture based on true events surrounding the 1988 calamity that originated from Spitak. From the Director of AMERICAN HEIST and the Producer of THE CUT. EARTHQUAKE has been nominated as Armenia's submission for the 2017 Oscars and will be screened at POM in the Armenian language with English subtitles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijzGUahqz20


An official border divides the village of Jiliz, with one side being in Armenia and the other in Georgia. Lousine, a young girl, dreams about uniting with her grandmother and relatives who lives across the stream that divides the village. Just what is a border? Why does it take her such a long route to travel? She decides to take ...


Photographer and filmmaker Jamie Day Fleck tells the story of Hratch Armenious Tchalkouchian. After having survived the Genocide, he went on to become a revered violin designer. This biographical short documentary is a wonderful follow up to Fleck's earlier film, PHOTOS BY KIRK, which was very well received at last year’s Pomegranate Film Festival.

ALL THAT JAM – Russia – 92 min. – PG13

Romantic comedy about a young urbanite coming off a series of unlucky relationships. Our heroine returns to her roots and heeds her grandmother's advice in order to spice up her love life. North American Premiere to be followed by Q&A with witty Director Alexander Andranikian, originally from Moscow now based out of New York City.