Best Feature Film:

In the realm of feature films, SEVEN VEILS stood tall as a cinematic masterpiece, while WOMEN IN BLACK and CHNCHIK received well-deserved honourable mentions for their compelling narratives.

Best Documentary:

BACK TO SOLOZ took home the top prize in the documentary category, with BLOCKADE earning an honourable mention for its impactful storytelling.

Best Short Film:

In the short film category, 250 KM emerged as the winner, while THE MUD and IT TAKES A VILLAGE received honourable mentions for their creativity and depth.

Best Short Doc:

Aram Ohanyan’s DAMALA claimed the top spot in the short documentary category, with LAHMAJUNE earning an honourable mention for its compelling storytelling.


The experimental and animation category celebrated creativity, with NOWHERE taking the crown and ARMENIAN PAPERS and ENSOULED receiving honourable mentions.

Audience Choice Documentary Film:

The audience was enthralled by WE ARE OUR MOUNTAINS, making it the top choice in the documentary category.

Audience Choice Feature Film:

Audiences were equally captivated by IT’S SPRING and LOVE IS IN THE WATER, sharing the honour in the feature film category.

Rising Star Award:

Milena Mooradian’s direction in CYCLES shone brightly, earning her the prestigious Rising Star Award.