An astounding and well-researched documentary about the notorious orphanage in Antoura, Lebanon, where children were sent to be Turkified under the order of Jamal Pasha. The children experienced horrific circumstances, but this is ultimately a true story of how many endured to tell their stories of survival and death-defying courage. Bezjian uncovers how the children held onto their Armenian faith and language, while defying Pasha’s aims of destroying all vestiges of Armenian identity. A master film maker, Bezjian’s past films at the Festival have included; MILK, CARNATION AND A GODLY SONG, I LEFT MY SHOES IN ISTANBUL, and THANK YOU LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Bezjian’s work continues to educate and inspire. The film will be presented by Raffi Sarkissian, director of the Sara Corning Centre for Genocide Education. Director Nigol Bezjian will be attending from Lebanon to present the film and answer questions following the screening.

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