Paris in 1941 is under Vichy France rule. Twenty-two men and one woman fighting for an ideal and for freedom in the untold story of the French Resistance. From the acclaimed and award winning director of LE VOYAGE EN ARMENIE. This is the real life of Genocide survivor and poet Missak Manouchian (Simon Abkarian – ARAM, GAMBLERS) who courageously leads a mixed bag of youngsters and émigrés in a clandestine battle against the Nazi occupation.

News of their daring attacks, including the assassination of an SS General, eventually reaches Berlin. Under the orders of the Gestapo, French police and collaborators hound Manouchian and his Résistants until, to escape torture, one of their associates denounces the whole group. After a show trial, the twenty-three heroes are quickly brought face to face with their uncertain future.

With a star studded cast including Serge Avedikian (NOUS AVONS BU LE MEME EAU), The Army of Crime tells the story of a heroic group of people fighting for an ideal and for freedom which gave hope to many in a time of great suffering, and their actions helped to liberate Paris once and for all.

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