Don't Get Lost Children

Armenia/Turkey – 30 min. – directed by Gülengül Altinaş – Turkish with English subtitles – North American Premiere

Filor, who grew up an orphan, finds out that she has a brother. Garo and Filor decide that Camp Armen (Tuzla Armenian Children Camp), where they spent their childhoods without knowing each other, is the most convenient place for their first meeting as siblings. The journey they take to camp, left in ruin after it was seized by the Turkish state in the 1980s, becomes a journey taken into their past. This is the same camp where Hrant Dink spent his youth and met his wife and was the subject of a film presented at the 2008 Pomegranate Film Festival, THE SWALLOW’S NEST. With the recent decree by the Turkish government to return properties belonging to Armenians and other minorities in Turkey due to mounting pressure from European courts, this short film is both timely and poignant.

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