Armenia/Turkey – 42 min. – directed by Lara Aharonian and Talin Suciyan – Armenian and English with English subtitles where necessary – Canadian Premiere

A gripping documentary about the life of activist, author and one of the earliest modern Armenian feminists, Zabel Yesayan, the only woman to be blacklisted amongst the group of 300 Armenian intellectuals arrested on April 24th 1915. The film follows her journey commencing with her daring escape, a tireless witness and survivor of the Genocide, to her arrest under the Stalinist Great Purge in the 1940s through the lens of archival materials including photographs, documents, and interviews. Somewhat reminiscent of the film CHARENTS: IN SEARCH OF MY ARMENIAN POET that was presented at the 2010 Pomegranate Film Festival, FINDING ZABEL YESAYAN is a long awaited film about an Armenian heroine whom has strangely been forgotten until now. This movie is being presented in conjunction with the Armenian Relief Society.

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