23-year-old Englishman Tom Allen has completed his university studies and is set for what he hopes will be a successful career, but he finds himself battling the question of his generation: isn’t there more to life than this? Leaving it all behind, Tom sets off on the ultimate quest for freedom as he embarks on a trip to travel around the world on a bicycle.  For the next 12,000 miles, with neither maps nor guidebooks, Tom films the unfolding of his dream as he cycles and camps his way across three continents, but the journey takes an unlikely detour when he falls in love with an Iranian-Armenian girl in Yerevan.  Struggling to keep his dream alive, Tom convinces Tenny Adamian to get on a bicycle and join him, but when things do not go as planned, Tom is forced to continue riding alone. His decisions lead him to the depths of the Sahara desert, where — amid challenges unimaginable — he catches a glimpse of the answer he set out to find.  Filmed over four years with cinematic ambition, Janapar — named after the Armenian word for journey — is an honest and life-affirming tale of finding what you’re looking for when you least expect it.


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