Saturday October 20 @ 1:00pm– Hamazkayin Theatre.

Armenia/Nagorny Karabakh/Azerbaijan/Turkey – Mehmet Binay, Co-Directors (Ayaz Salayev and Levon Kalantar) – 55 min. – World Premiere


Located at the intersection of national memories and personal lives, director Mehmet Binay’s latest documentary challenges the audience to ask: what do we choose to remember about others and what do others choose to remember about us? Based on a collaboration of Armenian, Azerbaijani, and Turkish directors, Binay’s latest provocative film meditates on collective memory, personal discovery and national borders.  Binay’s previous contributions to the Festival include WHISPERING MEMORIES in ’08 and TALKING PICTURES in ’10.


Memories Without Borders. Official Trailer from Internews Armenia on Vimeo.

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