Saturday October 20 @ 1:00pm – Hamazkayin Theatre.

Armenia/Iran – Arsen Gasparyan – 29 min. – North American Premiere


An informative documentary about the Armenian diaspora in Isfahan, Iran. New Julfa is the name Armenians gave their new home in Iran after they were forced to depart from their ancestral lands in Nakhichevan, upon the command of Safavid Shah Abbas I. This is a rare, illuminating look at the rich heritage and present-day community of the historic Armenian quarter. A must-see documentary for all those interested in history and culture.


Director Arsen Gasparyan


Director Arsen Gasparyan is a previous recipient of the POMGrant and this will be his third film showcased at the Festival (TOWARDS MY COUNTRY in ’07 and FROM HOME TO HOME in ’10).

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