The Netherlands – 45 min. – directed by Stefanie de Brouwer – Armenian, English and Turkish with English subtitles where necessary – North American Premiere

Journalist Bram Vermeulen travels through Turkey, from Istanbul through Erzeroum to Van, focusing on Kars, the setting of Orhan Pamuk’s novel Snow (Kar). His journey begins by highlighting the complex position of Kars situated in a frontier region and its relationship with Armenians, both past and present. The films ends with the journalist’s diligent pursuit of a 115 year old Armenian man who settled high above the mountains of Van, refusing to leave his historic homeland in 1915 and continuing to reside on the lands of his ancestors beyond the completion of this film. A very fascinating and thought provoking documentary told in a travelogue manner to be presented as part of the TALES FROM THE DIASPORA series.

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