Winner of the Golden Apricot Award in the Armenian Panorama Competition at the 2010 Golden Apricot International Film Festival, Zhora, 78 years old, and Knyaz, 77 years old, were once the most celebrated tightrope walkers in Armenia. Today they are the only existing masters who can keep this ancient art alive. Envious rivals throughout their lives, they now share the same hope; that the only remaining tightrope student will carry on their life’s work. Hovsep, a 17 year old orphan adopted by Zhora, has to decide whether or not to accept the responsibility of being the last tightrope walker in a society that has abandoned both him and the art of tightrope walking. Now, after the death of Zhora, his teacher, his choice has only become more difficult… Produced by Bars Media, the same company that was responsible for the award winning film A Story about People in War & Peace, their latest film is a very human & poignant story that is reflective of traditional Armenian society in the face of rapid globalization.

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