Armenia/Artsakh/Canada – 3 min. – directed by Garine Tcholakian – World Premiere

Award-winning internationally published journalist Gariné Tcholakian is no stranger to the unique power of storytelling. As a newspaper features writer, magazine editor, digital producer and travel photographer, Tcholakian’s burning quest over the last 15 years to uncover the shared human experience has found its way onto every media platform, from Beirut to Buenos Aires. In THROUGH MY LENS, Tcholakian turns the focus to her cherished heartland, where she captures the state of Armenia today, from the crevices of everyday city life, to its vast, pristine countryside. Blending a photographer’s eye with a storyteller’s narrative, Tcholakian weaves a deeply personal reportage with compelling depth and sensitivity that at once connects, touches, questions and reveals, frame by frame, the quietly profound dialogue between photographer and subject, Armenia and Diaspora.

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