Charents: In Search of My Armenian Poet explores the life and work of one of Armenia’s most beloved poets, Eghishe Charents, who was tragically killed under mysterious circumstances under Stalinist captivity in 1937. Shareen Anderson’s brilliant documentary showcases the enduring legacy of the poet, unlocked through her interviews with academics, poets and self-proclaimed Charentsophiles. In tracing the mythical legacy of Charents, she journeys from Armenia to Tblisi, Georgia one of Charents’ stomping grounds & then to Kars in modern-day Turkey, the birthplace of the poet which played a pivotal role in shaping his poetic mastery. This feature length documentary uncovers more about Charents than ever before, unearthing how he became witness of the genocide, a fighter for his people, a communist supporter, and ultimate victim of the Stalinist regime.

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