From producer Gorune Aprikian (PARADJANOV, SAROYAN) comes a bittersweet comedy about Hamo, an Armenian from Baku who tries to lead a simple life in rural Armenia with his wife. Life is far from easy as the couple fends to make ends meet. Despite the daily grind, Hamo cherishes a secret—one which appears childish to his neighbours. Based on a promise made a very long time ago, he yearns for a Moskvitch, the most beautiful car in the world in his eyes, that was pledged to him by the prominent Nikita Krushchev, former leader of the Soviet Union. The old man’s nostalgia for the symbol of Soviet prosperity has much deeper meaning for Hamo. Despite being ridiculed, Hamo is on a quest to find happiness, to be reunited with his lost son, and ultimately, to feel belonging in the rural society where he, as a refugee, is treated as an outsider. His story is one of longing and the dream of finding all that he has tragically lost when the Soviet Union collapsed. Winner of the FIPRESI Jury Prize at the 2015 Golden Apricot Film Festival in Yerevan.

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